Things you need to do between grooming sessions

There are some tasks that you, as the owner of an Airedale Terrier, need to do between major grooming sessions.
Carrying out these tasks on a regular basis ensure your dog is more comfortable, gives you a regular opportunity to check your dog for possible issues and helps to keep your dog in a good clean and healthy condition.


 Nail Trimming

 Probably one of the most overlooked matters. Most dogs do not like this being done and it is a good idea to train your Airedale, from the day it arrives, to have it's feet handled which will make the task much easier.

Different nail clippers


Nails may also be filed with a cross cut file or some coarse sandpaper stuck to a piece of flat timber but the easiest is to use a rotary tool such as a Dremel



Trim hair between pads

Another task required on a regular basis is to trim the hair between the pads. If this is not done the hair will form into matted balls of mud and hair and may be extremely painful for the dog.

I like to use scissors with either a curved blade or with rounded ends as this lessens the chance of jabbing the foot.




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